Continuation of Project

November 29, 2010 § Leave a comment

On my last visit to Tijuana I came across different problems while I photographed different things. As I crossed into the Tijuana I captured a picture of a sign, the Mexican customs sent us to inspection and they asked me to erase the photograph I had taken. He then informed me this area was restricted for taking any photographs. Good think they did not catch me the first time around because I was able two photographs that I have included in the documentary. I was also trying to take a picture of a pharmacy and they told me the owner does not allow it. So I was not able to get away with that one. I visited Tijuana on three different occassions, the first one I went to visit family , the second I went to the dentist and the third time I went to eat with my sister and run errands. The photographs in my documentary reflect what I saw on my visits there. The heart of my story is showing others what I saw and the places I visited in Tijuana. I was able to capture photographs of people working as I visited a Market. It was fun interacting with these people they were very friendly and willing to get photographed. I really think that food reflects a culture and their way of living. As I visited my family one can see the conditions they live in and just imagine the hardships they go through on a daily bases. These images speak for themselves as I visited Tijuana and captured them.


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