December 6, 2010 § Leave a comment

I really enjoyed Viva la revolucion excebition. I loved how the artist went out in to the city and displayed there art throughout the urban setting of San Diego. I attended MOCA last month on there TNT event. There was live music and printing of t-shirts from some of the art work. I really enjoyed the night life vibe this event gave the city. The work that captured my attention the most was the face that was outline by a white shock sheet behind bricks. I though it was a brilliant idea to be able to show art through different objects. It goes way from the traditional drawings or photography.I feel it has a strong presentation when the art is still trying to show an image. It really set the higher standerd in my perspective. That there are other ways to express our art. I liked this particular work for its creativity. I personally would have never thought to combine those to materials to create an art piece. Unfortunately when i visited the museum at the time I did not think of writing down the information of this artist. But I was able to find an image of it online.


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